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Advanced Body Thermal Scanner and Access Control

Some businesses are currently using Thermal Guns to detect a person’s temperature, this method can detect a temperature but at the cost of breaking that 2-meter distance, and that means a higher chance of contracting COVID-19. Our Body Temperature Scanners work differently than others, they can detect if an individual is wearing a mask, runs on Linux so that means it is not prone to hackers or constant breakdowns and you will be doing so by preventing the risk of infection.

Health & Safety

Visible, effective and safety measures for your employees / customers

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Fusion UV Clean Virus

99.99% efficient

Eradicate viruses, germs, bacterias and fungi in a few minutes

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Without harsh chemicals/waste and no environmental impact

Our efficient ways to disinfect

Fogging machines

Foggers are an invaluable solution to your ongoing efforts to protect your staff and client’s health.

UV-C Light

Germicidal UV or UV-C is part of the ultraviolet spectrum best known for its ability to inactivate pathogens like bacteria and viruses.